This lovely 2010 JCW come in to get some work done before being remapped. The original JCW turbo was fully refurbished and while the front end of the car was out a new Scorpion De-Cat and Airtec Intercooler was also supplied and fitted by ourselves

Freshly Refurbed JCW turbo
R56 Scorpion De-Cat
Brand New Scorpion De-Cat
R56 Airtec Intercooler
Brand New Airtec Intercooler

To finish, a Scorpion Resonated Daytona Exhaust was fitted. This benefits from a 2.75″ system over the JCW 2.5″ giving a much deeper exhaust note

Scorpion Daytona Exhaust SMN011
Brand New Scorpion Daytona Exhaust